The first stretch film in Europe
100% bio-compostable

18 months of R&D were necessary to propose the first stretch film in Europe 100% bio-compostable to meet the needs of today and tomorrow.
The BWP_FR23 film is certified TUV industrial compost according to the rules of the EN13432 standard and must be thrown in the organic waste to be treated in industrial composting sites, to activate the process of biodegradation and composting, thus ensuring its end of life.
Customers who switch from petrochemical plastics to compostable films will help the planet reduce greenhouse gases (responsible for global warming) and post-consumer waste (pollution of the entire globe/oceans).
BWP_FE23 is the new 100% bio-compostable industrial stretch film by Biowrap
French innovation
Biocompostable product
International delivery
Healthy packaging for the planet

Who is the BWP_FE23 intended for?

Intended for non-food or food industries (food contact certified), the BWP_FE23 BIOSTRECTH is an asset in the implementation of your CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) policy.

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biodegradable and compostable
months of R&D

Quality and flexibility for professionals

This new film, highly transparent in its vegetable structure and compostable, provides good tensile strength and stretchability suitable for use on manual or automatic machines.

The BWP_FE23 is available in different thicknesses from 12 microns to 30 microns on 50 or 76mm mandrel. We can meet your different needs on measure.

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New industrial stretch film
100% bio-compostable!

New industrial stretch film
100% bio-compostable!

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