Your Bio Home Compost specialist

Your Bio Home Compost specialist

Leader in the field of biocompostable industrial packaging , Biowrap offers you an alternative to plastic.
Our products are all biosourced, biodegradable, OK composts and recyclable.

We are at your side to support you in your ecological transition.
From routing paper , to industrial stretch film , to carrying bags, our range of biosourced packaging will meet your needs.

Surrounded by collaborators with more than 20 years of experience in the knowledge of biomaterials, we will be able to guide you to meet your expectations.

French company

We extrude and produce our films in France .

Compostable products

Our products are biobased, biodegradable and therefore 100% compostable in accordance with the Home Compost standard.

Plant composition

Our films are made from 100% vegetable materials.

6 color printing

Very high quality printing up to 6 colors to meet all needs.

R&D department

Our R&D department is constantly innovating to meet your requirements.

Delivery all over the world

Our products can be stored and shipped according to your supply rates anywhere in the world.

New industrial stretch film
100% bio-compostable!

Download our brochure in PDF format.

Healthy packaging for the planet

Why will BioWrap be your future packaging partner?

Biosourced and biodegradable bioplastics contribute effectively to the management of our waste. Integrated into an organic treatment chain, they make it possible to improve the recovery of this waste, by facilitating the rapid return of carbon to the soil!

  1. What is the composition of your packaging?

    According to European standard EN 16575 (October 2014), a biobased product is derived entirely or
    partly of biomass, that is to say composed of animal, vegetable or
    microbial, excluding materials embedded in geological or fossilized formations.

  2. What standards do your packaging meet?

    All our products meet the law on green energy transition, the NF EN13432 standard, the circular economy law of February 2020 and contribute to compliance with the citizens' convention on the environment of June 2020.

  3. Are the packaging tested?

    All our products follow a battery of tests meeting TUV AUSTRIA certification standards. All BioWrap products are certified OK Home Compost and/or OK Compost and.or OK BIOSOL.

  4. What about the energy transition law?

    Today, faced with the depletion of fossil resources and the
    increase in their price, renewable plant resources constitute a sustainable alternative proposition.
    The development of these biosourced and biodegradable bioplastics has made it possible to create new bridges between the agricultural, chemical and plastics sectors, as part of a sustainable management of resources, in perfect harmony.
    with the circular economy.

Does plastic have an impact
on our daily life?

The massive use of petroleum-based plastic materials intended for the manufacture of single-use – or short-lived – objects has negative or even harmful impacts on the environment.

In particular, the excessive use of plastics for packaging and the lack of systematic collection result in an accumulation of plastic waste in the environment. These are a source of visual nuisance, but also of soil and ocean pollution.

Awareness of this pollution (a plastic bag decomposes on average in 200 years) and the costs of reprocessing plastic waste have led to the development of bio-based and biodegradable bioplastics .

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